5 Ways to Redecorate Your Space

Small changes that make a major difference is the motto for all quick room flips. The initial thought is to gut everything and start over, but the best thing to do is analyze and finesse the desired results. 

Things I aim for when wanting to revamp my space are lighting, room height, textures and elements, and accents. Whether you focus on one or all 5 options, you’re guaranteed to make a difference in the room. 


Let’s talk lighting. 

Utilize those windows! One common mistake is placing a bed, or dresser in front of the windows in your room. First things first is to make a new floor plan. Moving your furniture around will provide opportunity for the light to travel into and fill the room. 

This step alone can make your room feel more vibrant and breathable.


Don’t be afraid of heights. 

Making a room look taller is a major key if you’re seeking a more grand feeling. Two techniques specifically include adding a tall floor standing mirror, and adding curtains at the highest point possible. 

Adding a floor length mirror is a simple addition to any room. Place the mirror in a position that allows most of the room to be seen. This will create the illusion that the room goes deeper than it actually does. 

Another pro tip is curtains! Surprisingly not many people take advantage of this simple decor piece but it is one that can make all the difference. When installing curtains, your best bet would be to hang them from the highest point above the window and as close to the ceiling as possible. With the curtains having a longer fall length, it gives the illusion that your ceilings are much higher than they actually are, ultimately resulting in your space looking bigger! 

Textures and Elements for your Environment. 

The two of these options, both textures and elements, in my opinion are the ultimate game changers. Let’s get into textures first. 

Most times when seeing a room or an area for the first time, your eyes naturally draw to corners or pieces of the space that are appealing. Textures help with the idea of keeping the eyes drawn to the important things, rather than the empty wall space you may have or the crowded corner that you can’t seem to organize or simply the fact that your space isn’t doing to much or completely finished yet. 

Textures can be pulled into a room in plenty of ways. Throw pillows with textured designs is one way. Another option would be adding a unique wallpaper, perhaps brick, or a cool abstract design. If your focus is in your bedroom, texture can be pulled from your choice of bedding as well. Layering different types of quilts, duvets, and sheets is also a fun way to bring in texture. 

When it comes to the elements, think nature. Greenery, if you have nothing else to show for a space, is one of the most important. Adding simply one plant can trams from your space. Whether you’re a full on plant mom, or enjoy shopping faux and never having to worry about them again, plants are a must! 

Desktop, hanging, floor plants, plant pot stands, bookshelves, propagated plant holders - the list of where and how you can incorporate plants is endless. Plants effortlessly bring the vibe of fresh, new and inviting. From your kitchen to your bathroom, please, get yourself a plant. 


Accent pillows, accent throw blanket, random pop of color, unique decor like statues, accent walls etc. are all ways you can accent a space. Accents are important but not necessary. 

Most people can get away with having a theme and sticking to that one theme so everything remains clean and cohesive. In my opinion, “matchy matchy” is simply not my taste. This option is truly up to the owner of the space and what works or makes you feel happy and complete. 

When deciding on a good accent piece for a room or area, think about what naturally flows as an addition, but that will also stand out and start a conversation. My go to for accents are walls! 

Pain’t a circle behind your bed, add brick wall paper to your living room, or even a wall paper with monstera leaves on it for your bathroom. Regardless of how or what you add, just make sure it’s something you love and that stands out for you! 


Whew, now after all that explaining, we’ve got work to do! Recreating a space can range from the simplest tasks when working with what you have or the grandest project when bringing in everything new. No matter the level of change you’re seeking, these 5 tips to redecorating apply to all.