Here at Home Tone, we focus on the feeling and experience you revive from our online shop. We are handmade home accessories made to provide maximum tones to any home. We focus on the small details, the enhancing additions, that are sure to be the topic of conversation for all of your house guests. 

Created in July of 2020, by owner Jasmyn Antonette. With passions aligning in home decor and all things interior design, Jasmyn’s been preparing for her dream of owning her own decor line since the beginning. Today, she presents to you hand crafted accessories made from her very own two hands. Each product made from all heart of hearts. No two products can ever be alike. 

Most of all, our goal here at Home Tone is to provide the highest vibration of vibes, through cozy and unique decor accessories. We strive that every interaction you encounter with this brand is one that is an experience!